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Herring – this is fish from the Herring’s family. This fish is considered the most popular and widespread of this fish’s type. The size of this fish is from 20 to 25.

The most popular in herring is fillet, which is most often served pickled or salted. Also, it can be cooked raw.

This fish is delivered frozen. We deliver whole fish or fillets. Therefore, we recommend buying it from us, because we deliver it from reliable and trusted suppliers.

1 000+ Shipments per year

350+ Clients around the world

20 000+ Tons of cargo transported

0 Unsolvable problems

30+ Partner countries

Wholesale delivery of frozen fish. We are interested in long-term cooperation with each client and supplier, so here you will find the most professional approach and very high quality products. We deliver frozen food all over the world, and we deliver both by water and in bulk in large quantities. We also have many different products from Atlantic salmon to lobster. And there are many different types of frozen foods, such as fish with a head, fish without a head, fillets, backs, caviar, minced meat and offal.

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